Lycoris and Rain

diana chapman
Tue, 16 Aug 2005 11:00:40 PDT
Hi Arnold:

I have posted this before, so apologies to those who remember it.

I moved my Lycoris from the hot interior of California to the cool coast a
few years ago.  The temperatures they left were in excess of 100F, and they
came here to temperatures of about 60F or less.  I stored them in a garage,
since they were dormant, returning two weeks later to find the most amazing
mass blooming I have ever seen, especially of L. radiata.  The flowers were
a bit pallid, since they had no light, but were lovely nonetheless.  This
would seem to indicate that it was the temperature drop - in this case quite
a significant one.

Telos Rare Bulbs
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> John:
>  You have touched on a favorite topic of mine, what triggers a bulb to
> put forth a flower at a specific time of year.
> Is it the availability of water as in spring rains, drop in temperature
> as you have mentioned for lycoris or changes in light intensity or
> duration.  I have some cyclamen hederifolium flowering that have been
> sitting out side on a stone wall.  I put my boophone disticha in the
> basement under lights for the winter  and with out changes in water,
> light duration it almost always comes into growth in early March.
> I imagine there are chemical triggers that are in place that are
> responsible for the flower initiation.
> Any thoughts out there?
> Arnold
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