Crocus corsicus

Dr Paul Chapman
Sun, 07 Aug 2005 13:28:44 PDT
Having just returned from 2 weeks vacation in the Mediterranean (Corfu), I
have just started repotting my summer dormant Mediterranean bulbs, which I
do every other year.

Most pots have produced no surprises; a few bulbs have disappeared with no
explanation, whilst others have grown to flowering size since the last
repotting in 2003.

However, Crocus corsicus seems to have behaved differently to everything
else that I have yet repotted (and I am doing things more or less
alphabetically).  My label says that in 2003 I repotted 24 corms.  Today
there were 54 - but none were large, certainly not what I would consider to
be flowering size, and many were tiny, no bigger than Fritillaria "rice".

Does Crocus corsicus need special treatment to achieve flowering size bulbs?
It currently gets my "standard" treatment for Mediterranean bulbs - in an
unheated greenhouse all year, with windows always open.  Absolute minimum
temperature -5oC (23oF), but very rarely below -2oC (28oF) for more than a
few hours at a time.  Watered from the beginning of September to mid-May,
then bone dry until September.

I would appreciate any advice anyone can give.


Dr Paul Chapman, Wallington, Surrey, UK
South London commuter belt suburbia - zone 9a, where Arisaemas are still in
flower outside, but the Cyrtanthus hybrids have started flowering in the

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