Southwest plant photos

Shirley Meneice
Wed, 03 Aug 2005 23:30:28 PDT
Jane, for the Salvia pictures try either Betsy Clebsch or Ginny Hunt.  
If you need addresses for them, please contact me privately.
    Shirley Meneice,

Jane McGary wrote:

>I'm writing this non-bulb message because we have a number of people on the 
>forum who visit or live in the American Southwest. To illustrate an article 
>in the Rock Garden Quarterly by the noted seed-collector Sally Walker, I 
>need photos of any of the following plants. Please let me know if you would 
>like to contribute to this effort. Contributions will be duly acknowledged 
>with profound thanks and FREE BULBS.
>Monarda menthaefolia
>Monarda pectinata
>Monardella odoratissima
>Monardella arizonica
>Monardella lanceolata
>Monardella macrantha
>Salvia lemmonii
>Salvia apiana
>Salvia munzii
>Salvia sonomensis
>Salvia clevelandii
>Trichostema lanata
>Trichostema parishii
>Jane McGary
>Editor, NARGS
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