Carol Jensen jorna@mobilixnet.dk
Sat, 27 Aug 2005 00:05:08 PDT
At 01:58 27-08-2005, Adam Fikso wrote:

>  None of my other hymenocallises had all buds open at once, usually one at 
>a time, in sequence,so that while one was fading and dying, another was 
>taking its place-- does anyone know if this is unusual? This specimen is 
>pot-grown from a bulb I got from Guy Wrinkle.  I don't know if the bulb is 
>maximum size.
>  Last year, I had an unidentified Hymenocallis grown outdoors with  11 
>buds-- all of which opened in sequence with no more than 2 open at any one 
>time.  I have not seen any comment in the literature about the sequence of 
>opening nor much about number of flowers , which could  be a somewhat 
>reliable and stable taxonomic feature for the field not derivable from 
>herbarium specimens.   Comment? 
I know that "amaryllis" generally, but not always, open sequentially, and so did the one ismene I have. Other "amaryllis" my children have open sequentially.

There was a lady near here in Denmark some years back who had 10 flowers on her "amaryllis" and all open at once. It was in the newspaper, it was so unusual.


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