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I am growing several Hedychiums here in a hot 7b in northern Georgia, USA.  I don't grow Hedychium gardenarium, but I know someone who does in the area and has great results.  They seem happiest in places with ample summer moisture and bright diffuse light.  I have several hybrids and the following species; H. coranarium, H. coccineum, and H. greenei, among other genera of gingers.  My gingers start blooming in July with Hedychium 'Daniel Weeks, and continue into the fall.  I love them.


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Hi Ken,
Do they get enough light?  They may need full sun in your area.  Perhaps 
you could store them in a more frost free place for the winter and move 
them out in the spring.  It seems a shame to give up on such a lovely 
plant.  Five gallons does seem a bit on the small side.
I have one small group of  Hedychium gardenarium almost breaking out of 
a 15" x 15"  x 15" container flowering now well ahead of one group in 
the ground that is just showing buds. All are about 5 feet tall give or 
take a foot or 2.  Some others (perhaps hybrids) in the ground in a 
shadier and drier spot are almost finished blooming.  I can't figure out 
why the strange blooming order.  None of them dies down in the winter.  
I cut them back somewhat.  

Boyce Tankersley wrote:

>Hi Ken:
>I've not had any luck flowering Hedychium in containers. Last time I saw them flower well was in Galveston where they were very late fall bloomers.
>         It freezes down in the fall, starts growth relatively late in the
>spring, then grows quickly to about three feet tall, and stops.  Eventually
>it starts new shoots from the base, which may get to full height before
>freezing, or may not.  Right now, in mid August, it has about 6-8 sprouts
>coming from the base, perhaps 6" long/tall.  It seems unlikely it will
>flower this year either.  For the last 3-4 years it has been in a large
>(5 gallon) pot, so it can get an earlier start in the spring and not freeze
>down so early in the fall, but that hasn't helped.  It also has a pan under
>the pot, so it isn't stressed for water
>         Unless someone has some helpful suggestions, this probably will
>be the last year for this plant here.  I doubt that I will try different 
>in the future, given the lack of success with this one.
>Ken  Z7 Oregon
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