Iris domestica

James Waddick
Sun, 28 Aug 2005 11:48:25 PDT
>What an awful name.  Could you explain a little deeper about why I.
>domestica is the only available name?

Dear Dennis et al;

	It is a fairly convoluted and technical reasoning. Unlike 
Pardanthopsis which has a valid name in the genus Iris (I. 
dichotoma), Belamcanda has never been considered as a synonym for 
Iris before and therefore one has to stretch back for a valid and 
available combination that has not been used before. The species name 
'chinensis' is definitely not available since it has been used 
invalidly for various other iris species.
	The name Iris domesticum is actually based on the name 
Epidendendrum domesticum which dates to Linneaus. He based his name 
on an illustration by the Asian explorer Kaempfer.  Kaempfer had one 
illustration that showed 2 different plants and he named them both as 
Epidendrum domesticum in 1712. This name is validly published. The 
iris is clearly illustrated with typical branching inflorescence.
	The identity and validity of this name was discussed and 
confirmed by L.A.Garry in 'De nominibus orchidaceareum incunabulorum' 
Harvard Pap. Bot 2:47-54 1997. Basically Garry showed that the second 
plant in Kaempfers illustration (an unidentifiable orchid) could not 
be assigned the name Epidendrum domesticum making an invalid name in 
orchid-dom, but still available for the first plant pictured.
	Linneaus also included Ixia chinensis (now Iris domestica) 
which later was transferred to the genera Moraea and then to 
Gemmingia - now all better understood (at least different).

	Simply stated the name domesticum is the earliest available 
name that could be applied to this species.  I was aware of some of 
this taxonomic complexity a couple years ago, and heard that the 
likely name might be Iris pamponinii based on a description dating to 
1910. Not that there's a choice, but I'd gladly take domestica.

	Now isn't it all clear?

		Best		Jim W.
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