Iris domestica

Merrill Jensen
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Whew, you would think that taxonomists would be tiring of rearranging the
furniture, so to speak.  Fire up the Brother...

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Dear friends;
	I am sort of surprised that  no one has brought up this 'new' 
iris species from Eastern Asia. As a result of DNA sequence evidence, 
Peter Goldblastt and David Mabberley recently published (Novon 15: 
128, 2005*) a taxonomic revision of the two irids previously known as 
Belamcanda chinensis and Pardanthopsis dichotoma. These are obviously 
closely related; enough to form the hybrid Pardancanda or Candy 
lilies. Pardanthopsis has moved in and out of the genus Iris, but 
here the authors firmly move it into back as Iris dichotoma. 
Belamcanda  and I. dichotoma form a very very discreet pair of 
species and for this among other reasons, the authors include this in 
iris now, too. Because of priorities and taxonomic necessities, the 
only available name is now Iris domestica This doesn't flow as nicely 
as Belamcanda chinensis, but so it goes.

	Time to change another label   (or two, or not).

		best Jim W.

* Belamcanda Inculded in Iris and the new combination I. domestica 
(Iridaceae: Iridae)
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