Ipomoea Hardiness

Kenneth Hixson khixson@nu-world.com
Sat, 27 Aug 2005 10:55:14 PDT
>Jim McKenny wrote:
>  in western Virginia .... I saw lots of Ipomoea pandurata blooming in
>fields everywhere.

         I'm assuming this means this Ipomoea is hardy to zone 7 or
thereabouts?  Or does it self sow?
         Another hardy Ipomoea is I. leptophylla, written about by
Claude Barr in Jewels of the Plains.  I finally bought seeds
this spring, but so far they aren't growing very much.  There are a couple
small seedlings in gallon cans, which might be part of the problem--my
understanding is that this plant likes to establish a large and deep storage
root (tuber?) before it makes much top growth.
         This is a genus I know little about, so if there are other "hardy"
Ipomoea I'd be interested in hearing of them

Ken Z 7   W. Oregon

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