Ipomoea picture, Wiki file names and sizes

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 26 Aug 2005 07:00:10 PDT
Dear Brian,

I looked at this picture earlier when the link worked, but in the meantime 
the file name got changed so I changed it back. How that happened I don't 
know. We change file names when we move files into a subdirectory, if the 
original file name did not follow our guidelines for naming files, or if we 
find the name was misspelled or incorrect. In this case none of those 
situations existed. So unless one of the other people who can change names 
changed the name, it will remain a mystery. Every now and then something 
happens on the wiki that cannot be explained. We always appreciate knowing 
about problems so we can fix them.

I'd like to take this opportunity once again to request that people adding 
pictures to the wiki please follow our guidelines for naming the files. 
Susan and I spend many hours on the wiki, sometimes daily and if you name 
the files as requested it will save us time. It's all clearly listed on the 
Upload page and you have to be there in order to upload your files so if 
you forget it is there as a reminder.

Name your files with the whole genus name starting with a capital. eg. Ipomoea

Be sure there are no spaces in the name. Use an underscore or dash to 
replace the spaces or write the name together. Ipomoea_pandurata_DJK.jpg or 
Ipomoea-pandurata-DJK.JPG or IpomoeaPandurataDJK.jpg

I prefer Ipomoea_pandurata_DJK.jpg because that is what most people use and 
then on my list of files the names of the same species are all together and 
I can quickly see if it is a plant that we have illustrated.

It is very helpful for you to add your initials, not only because every 
file name needs to be individual and that way you have a better chance of 
having a file name not used, but because it helps us know whose picture it is.

We also ask you to load pictures that are sized properly. Susan resizes 
pictures, but that too takes time. This too is explained on the Upload 
page. Please try to keep your file size under 100 KB and the dpi (dots per 
inch) resolution no more than 72 dpi. The picture should not be so large it 
cannot be viewed on most screens without scrolling. This depends on the 
picture, but a pixel guide is a maximum of 600 x 450. We have found that 
600 works as the largest number only if the largest part of your picture is 
wide. If you have taken a sideways picture or cropped it so it is taller 
than wide, you will need to reduce the pixels.

Following these naming and sizing guidelines will help prevent wiki 
administrator burn-out! Thanks in advance for your help.

Mary Sue

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