Millie Burrell
Tue, 16 Aug 2005 19:53:49 PDT
The ultimate in labelling for UV proof, heat proof, waterproof, long-lasting label is the Brother TZ tape labels.  I have the Brother P-Touch 2600/2610.  You can either type directly into the label maker or create files in Excel, Word, Word Perfect (for non MS users).  Then stick them on anything like plastic or wood popsicle sticks.  The machine will run about $ 79 to $99 dollars.  And you can get a 3 pack of TZ tape cartridges at Sam's for $25.  This will label almost an entire botanical garden and any household item you can fathom.  If there is an anal retentive nerd lurking anywhere within you, you will fall madly in love with the 2600 P-Touch.

Millie Burrell
Department of Biology
Texas A&M University
Norman Borlaug Center
MS 2123
College Station, TX  77843-2123 

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