Relevance of Pokeweed to Bulbs

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 16 Aug 2005 12:02:35 PDT
>nor do I ever expect it to be.  There are more plants in the world than
>I can ever grow, so if a plant is unable to survive if exposed to the real
>world, too bad.

My sentiments exactly.  Five years ago I had so many semi-hardy things in 
pots that my backyard was an ugly mess.  If a sudden frost was forecast 
then I spent hours bringing them indoors to protect them.  TOO MUCH 

I eventually realized there are more plants in the world than I could ever 
grow, so like you I decided to only work with those that could survive 
outdoors exposed to the real world growing conditions here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

To my surprise many of them survived just fine out of their pots, if 
planted close to the house.  The biggest thrill was Iris cretensis.  It has 
bloomed 3 different times in the last 4 winters around Christmas or New 
Years, when the temps crept up into the 50's & 60's for a few days.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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