South African heaths

Lee Poulsen
Thu, 25 Aug 2005 10:25:10 PDT
I'll respond. My sister in Austin, Texas grows tulips, albeit species 
tulips (T. clusiana types, T. sylvestris or saxatilis [can't remember 
which]) and I know some others there do as well. And it's a direct 
consequence of all those who "grow" tulips as Jim describes. Because 
there, more so than here in So. California I believe, one *must* 
refrigerate them for 6 weeks or so before planting them in the ground. 
And even then, if they don't bloom early enough, the flowers get 
destroyed by the heat that quickly develops in late spring there. And 
then that's it; they never return for a second year.

So my sister (and others--Cynthia Mueller???) have hunted for and 
planted species that, while not as big and boldly colored as the Dutch 
varieties, come back each year, increase in numbers, and bloom all on 
their own without having to bother with all the yearly refrigerating, 
purchasing of new ones each fall, etc.

I think that would count as growing tulips rather than "growing" 
them.... (Of course, none of her friends think they are tulips.)

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena area, California, USDA Zone 10a

On Aug 25, 2005, at 8:39 AM, Jim McKenney wrote:
> But as John said,  who indeed among us really grows South African 
> heaths -
> and I'll add,  or tulips?

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