Iris domestica

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 29 Aug 2005 07:21:17 PDT
>         Now isn't it all clear?

Yes, actually, now I do understand!  However, I have one more 
question.  With the advent of new techniques to classify plants and 
animals, why is the scientific community holding on to 300 year old rules 
for naming convention?  They don't have problems using new technology and 
techniques... so why not adopt new rules for naming?

We could even let the commercial business world get involved.  For example, 
what teenage kid wouldn't want to grow some Iris brittany-spearsensis in 
their garden instead of the old fashioned Iris foetiddisma?!

Yes... of course I'm joking.  LOL!

Dennis in Cincy (with tongue firmly planted in cheek)

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