Sinningia aghensis

Mon, 22 Aug 2005 13:49:10 PDT
hi everybody, 

just a few observations about the seed of S. aghensis
which i sent to dell.  S. aghensis is a very beautiful
species in the genus, producing large tubers and very
tall peduncles (the tallest in the genus) with
dark-wine purple flowers held high atop the soft green
foliage rosette.  this species grows in FULL SUN on
rocks facing the atlantic ocean in southeast brazil. 
because it faces a pronounced dry season in its
habitat, losing all top growth, it may take a full
season for the seed to germinate.  this was relayed to
me from someone else that received my seed in the
past.  this of course makes sense -- if the dry season
is iminent, it'd be suicidal for the seed to sprout
then.  so if you do not get germination shortly after
planting the seed, don't give up and save the pot for
next season.  

i can't access the wiki pics right now, but i believe
some of the photos show the incorrect flower color
(it's not pink but dark purple).  

good growing!

tsuh yang

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