Mediterranean bulbs ... was Crocus corsicus

Angelo Porcelli
Mon, 08 Aug 2005 11:16:58 PDT
I believe I have write this time ago, but not sure, so I will repeat.
The excessive proliferation of offsets in Mediterranean is quite common when these plants are grown in a rich fertile soil. Most of them, if not all, grow instead in shallow stony soils, which are also full of seasonal weeds during winter, making a lot of competition for nutrients. For this reason the plants will grow for the most part as lonely bulbs and actually I have rarely found the native Crocus thomasii with any offset. Usually it has instead many very small cormlets, buried in layers of old tunics which stay dormant unless the main bud is damaged. Same behaviour for Allium, Sternbergia etc. For example, Allium neapolitanum is a well mannered plant in habitat, but turn to be one of the worst weeds in cultivation !

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Angelo Porcelli
South of Italy

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