Responding to Dell

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 10 Aug 2005 07:59:36 PDT
Dear all,

When you respond to a BX please remember to respond to Dell privately. If 
you just hit reply with your order it not only comes to the list, but it 
often means Dell replies to that message that he has received your order 
and that message comes to the list which sometimes generates confused 
messages from others in the list who didn't order from the BX. This is what 
happened when Alberto sent his order to the list, Dell replied to him 
through the list, Cynthia replied to Dell's message on the list, which 
triggered another response from Dell. I know that since BXs can disappear 
fast there is a desire to respond quickly and hitting reply is quicker than 
replacing Dell's address and this will continue to happen from time to 
time. When a message comes to the list, "I have received your order" you 
can assume that this is a mistake. If you haven't ordered, look to see if 
the message came to you or to "'Pacific Bulb Society'" 
<>. If it came to the latter, just delete it. Thanks.

Mary Sue

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