Rogan Roth Roth@ukzn.ac.za
Sun, 14 Aug 2005 23:10:37 PDT
Jim McKenney said:
>>>When I was younger, I used to poke fun at those who called these
tiger flowers: after all, tigers are striped, not spotted. Put that down
toethnocentricity. Later I learned that the jaguar is sometimes called
El Tigre in Spanish, and that was perhaps the source of the botanical

I do so love Tigridias - they were the first bulbs I planted when I was
six or so years old. They are still my favorite to this day.

In South Africa we also have a tiger, a "tier" in Afrikaans, except
it's not a tiger (from Asia), but a leopard! So, Jim you are quite
correct, they are Leopard Lilies (at least to us here in the south...).

Regards to all
Rogan Roth.

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