Gladiolus hybrids history

Jim McKenney
Wed, 24 Aug 2005 05:14:14 PDT
Thank you, John, for taking the time to put together such a nicely detailed

When you ask: "Who now grows a South African heather?" You may be surprised
to learn that here in the states they are commonly sold for the winter
holidays. They are grown in three or four inch pots, and the plants are
typically tall and narrow and  about eighteen inches high with flowers in
various shades of rosy pink. 

I suspect that most of them are dead within a week of purchase, because they
are very unforgiving if you forget to water them, and American homes are by
European standards typically very dry and hot during the winter.  For many
people, this may not be an issue because they dry/die nicely: the dead plant
keeps its flower shape and color fairly well, although the falling
needle-like foliage makes a mess. 

Jim McKenney

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