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J.E. Shields
Sun, 14 Aug 2005 12:35:04 PDT
Hi Adam,

Hymenocallis occidentalis survives and blooms (most years) here in central 
Indiana.  I have heard that it survives but does not bloom in a few gardens 
on the north side of Chicago.  However, I have no hard data for any place 
north of Westfield, Indiana.  So far as I know, wild Hymenocallis 
occidentalis is found in Indiana only in the southwestern-most tip of the 
State, in a few State Preserves.

As I recall, the usual umbels on Hymenocallis occidentalis here have 4 to 
ca. 8 florets in them.  So far this year, I do not have any scapes on H. 
occidentalis, neither in the ground nor in containers.

I have one clump of Hymenocallis liriosme from the Gulf Coast, in Texas, 
that survives in a protected spot outside my greenhouse.  It has not 
bloomed there so far.  It pays to keep trying these plants for their hardiness.

Jim Shields
in Westfield, in central Indiana (USA) at 40° N latitude and 86° W longitude

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