Lycoris and Rain

James Waddick
Tue, 16 Aug 2005 06:23:58 PDT
Dear All;
	Although I have at least mentioned this in the past, this 
year has reinforced my view that rain and Lycoris bloom go together.

	We had almost a month of no rain and temps hovering just 
under 100 (F) - from about July 7 to August 13 we had no rain. Over 
the last weekend we had a couple days of rain totalling over 3 inches.

	One small bed of various early Lycoris species and hybrids 
managed to produce a dozen flowering stems before the rain. This 
morning I counted 44 new stems emerging days after our rainfall.

	Another bed of L. squamigera now has over floral 48 stems in 
growth more than doubling the pre-rain numbers.

	Beds with only a handful of pre-rain stems on L. squamigera, 
L. chinensis, L. longituba and L. sprengeri are actively pushing up 
more or new stems. L. caldwellii is putting up its first stems, but 
this is always behind the others in growth sequence.

	We had a similar pattern last year. I assume that A. 
belladonna shows a similar surge in floral stem production following 
rain ending a drought period. Is this true?

		Best	Jim W.
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