Lycoris, Crinum and other blooms

Shirley Meneice
Mon, 08 Aug 2005 21:50:16 PDT
Jim, how do you store your pollen to assure its viability?  I have 
flunked this with Camellias and would like your input.
       Thanks, Shirley Meneice

J.E. Shields wrote:

>Hi all,
>The first Lycoris are in bloom here -- Lycoris sprengeri. I have a couple 
>of scapes up on LL. longituba, but no flowers open on them yet. L. 
>chinensis should not be far behind.
>Other than this, things are pretty quiet in my garden just now. I do have a 
>couple scapes in bloom on Crinum variabile (in the ground) and a scape is 
>up on Crinum lineare (in a 5-gal. container).
>I have not seen any signs of scapes on any Hymenocallis occidentalis so far 
>this season.  Other Hymenocallis in pots have bloomed well this year -- 
>durangoensis, liriosme, henryae, palmeri, latifolia, maximilianii, rotata, 
>eucharidifolia.  Even had one scape and blooms on harrisiana!  H. 
>harrisiana almost never blooms for me.  They have not been so generous at 
>setting seed this year, unfortunately.
>My Leptochiton quitoense seem to  be dwindling away.  Only had one flower 
>and no seeds on quitoense this year.
>A question for our taxonomists:  What is the gender of Leptochiton?  I 
>assume it is neuter, but I don't really know.  The ending -on in Greek 
>usually equates to the neuter ending -um in Latin, but is that always true?
>Nerine krigei has been blooming, and now we have one flower open on Nerine 
>laticoma.  I've been trying to set seed on krigei using stored pollen from 
>N. bowdenii (Aad Koen's hardy clone).  It looks like I may have gotten one 
>or two seeds at least.  NN. krigei and filifolia cross readily; the plants 
>from [filifolia X krigei] have twisted leaves like the pollen parent 
>(krigei).  Maybe I'll try to cross laticoma and krigei.  I want to try 
>[bowdenii X laticoma] or the reverse, as well.  Since bowdenii does not 
>bloom until November, I'll have to store the pollen of laticoma to make 
>that cross.
>Jim Shields
>in central Indiana (USA)
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