South Africa expedition

Merrill Jensen
Mon, 01 Aug 2005 14:33:23 PDT
Thanks for the fast, inexpensive way to see S. Africa.  It gives me more
incentive to save up for the Pacific Horticulture trip that is planed for


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Dear Bulb Folks:

	This spring, I was fortunate to coordinate a 3 week botanical
through South Africa, exploring the plants of the region...Capetown to the
Drakensberg Mountains.  Many of this list have gone before, but for those
that like to dream, our expedition log with nearly 300 photos is now posted

	Our guide was the amazing Cameron McMaster of South Africa1, who
many of
you may know personally and through his writings.  It was Cameron's
knowledge and superb tour guiding skills that made the trek so wonderful.
I'm sure if you plan to head to the region that Cameron would be glad to
hear from you and possibly be your guide.  

	Enjoy the expedition.

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