Relevance of Pokeweed to Bulbs

Kelly O'Neill
Tue, 16 Aug 2005 14:59:44 PDT
>  with plants--first, a carrier
> must ingest the virus from an infected pokeweed, then inject it into a
> susceptible bulb. It may happen, but how often?

Alberto may be exaggerating a bit (especially the part about the 
messages on this list proving the existence of God), however, I also 
worry about viruses ruining favorite stuff. In theory, it is not that hard to 
spread a virus. Cut the flowers or foliage with the same tool without 
disinfecting between plants, sap sucking bugs like aphids moving from 
plant to plant, hailstorm, ...
Normally, I am in the "survival of the fittest" camp when it comes to 
babying plants and giving them extra care. I do grow the dreaded tiger 
lily and various species and cultivars that are probably susceptible to the 
virus it likely carries. I let people smoke at the farm knowing they are 
likely carriers of the Tobacco Mosaic virus. At least if anything dies 
around here, I can point the finger of blame away from my own plant 
care methods :-).

>          There are very few instances of viruses being passed from
> parents to seed to seedlings.

I have no proof, however, I would expect most seed to carry the parents 
virus (at least when fresh). I would be happy to learn I have been 
overworrying,  KellyO

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