Being nice to plants

Carol Jensen
Mon, 08 Aug 2005 14:25:47 PDT
I  thought I was being very nice to my plants when I brought many of them outdoors during our short summer (this year June 15-July 15, followed by 4 weeks of rain.)

It was okay for a couple of days, then the rain started, so I removed the plants from the large plastic bins they were in  and put them on the garden table without saucers. Most were "amaryllis".

It was a couple of weeks before my vacation to England, and I wanted to make it easier for my friend who was going to water them for me.

It got windy and the plants started to look poorly. However, it was not the wind, it was the dreaded IBERIAN SLUG!

It went first after the ismene and ate most of its spare leaves. Then the "amaryllis". I had taken the beaucarnea in after  two days of sun, because it got sunburned! That is, about half of the confetti leaves got brown. They are still brown.

I ended up by bringing just about everything inside. Most of the "amaryllis" had already compensated by growing very healthy new leaves inside of those the slugs were eating every night. Some of the bulbs had no leaves left at all, and it is a nice sight these days to see new leaves growing.

The only plant not affected was my Iraqi fruit tree. It can't be used to rain every day, but it got new leaves and grew quite a bit. The slugs didn't touch it.

(Denmark is overrun with these Iberian slugs!)


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