Alstroemeria ligtu seedlings

Roy Sachs
Fri, 05 Aug 2005 04:35:28 PDT
Shirley's right about ligtu and how they pull themselves deep..


a) in one of our sand beds after years of trying we find that we 
cannot get a shovel deep enough to remove all of the rhizome pieces
b) even in a mostly clay soil seedlings have managed to go .8 to 12 
inches deep.

c) Years ago the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens wanted to remove a 
large section devoted to ligtu and I'm not sure whether they ever 
succeeded entirely even with their expert staff hard at it.


>Roy, I would recommend putting them in very deep pots.  They love to 
>go down,down,down.  When they first come up again, I would recommend 
>pulling them out.  It sounds cruel and unusual punshment, but they 
>seem to develop much sturdier underpinnings if given this treatment 
>in Pebble Beach, at least.  You won't get the whole plant when you 
>pull, so don't worry about that.  If you do find yourself with no 
>plants because of my advice, call and I'll send you some 
>replacements.  Nothing special, but Alstroemeria ligtu plants for 
>    Shirley Meneice

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