Kenneth Hixson
Fri, 19 Aug 2005 11:41:40 PDT
>Hi, All:
         Mary Sue wrote:
>begonias every year. Is there any interest in seeing any of these on the 
         From past comments it seems that there are many in this group
who grow Begonia grandis/evansia.  Bulbs to grow in the shade are not
always easy to find, and bulbs blooming in (late) summer are limited,
Cannas, Callas, Dahlias, glads, lilies, etc which are mostly best in full sun.
         On my list of Begonias "hardy to zone 7" are
B. cucullata
B. boliviensis--which is pictured on the wiki
B. emeiensis
B grandis Heron's Pirouette
B. hemsleyana
B. octopetala
B. sinensis Shaanxi White
         There are doubtless others, and I would be interested in
comments from anyone who has grown them.   Heron's Pirouette
for instance is reported to start flowering earlier than average B.
grandis, and that would be a valuable asset if it works that way
in my climate.
         Some of the above are reported to be very similar, and
whether or not there are significant differences in the garden
might be shown by pictures.  Other characters, ie, flowering earlier,
or do or don't grow as well, would also be helpful information.


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