Amazing Pokeweed

Merrill Jensen
Mon, 15 Aug 2005 07:52:38 PDT

Some other plants that I have personally had problems in the past with
contact dermatitis are Trachelospermum jasminoides and Euphorbia characias
wulfenii.  Most published information on Euphorbia states that the sap can
be irritating, but I had never had a problem with any of the assorted
species until I started growing E. characias.  Man oh man did I break out!!
I also found out, quite by accident, that star jasmine has the same effect.
(Trachelospermum has milky sap as well)  I had brushed through a patch at
work and that evening had long welts forming on my legs where the vines had
touched me.  

Thanks for the word on pokeweed.  We just removed a large bird deposited
specimen. Fortunately, the folks who took it out had on long sleeves and

Merrill in Palo Alto, zone 9-10 where Amaryllis belladonna is blooming
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