Historical date for Habranthus,Tulbagia

Hamish Sloan hamish.sloan@virgin.net
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John, Cynthia,

From the RHS Dict. 2nd edition:

Habranthus -
andersoni 1829
brachyandrus 1890
cardinalis 1913
gracilifolius 1821
var boothianus 1822
longipes 1898
robustus 1828
versicolor 1821

Tulbaghia -
acutiloba NG
alliacea 1820
var affinis NG
var ludwigiana NG
capensis 1774
natalensis 1891
pulchella 1930(described)
fragrans NG(but "closely allied" to pulchella)
simmleri NG
violacea 1838

NG = not given

A good source for trees and shrubs is Hilliers' Manual.
My second edition of 1974 as many introduction dates.
Don't know if later editions still have these dates.
(If I come across a copy of the dict. do you want to know?
Secondhand bookshops are my collective second home!)

Regards Hamish

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One of the handiest sources of information on dates of introduction to
horticulture is the old RHS Dictionary of Gardening (not the New RHS
Dictionary), which provides it (where known) for each species described (I
must get myself a set for this reason alone). Of course this is the date of
its first RECORD in horticulture, mostly British horticulture at that, not
necessarily the precise date of introduction.

John Grimshaw

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