Allium Cernuum

Pacific Rim
Thu, 25 Aug 2005 18:17:52 PDT
Hello, Fred. Allium cernuum and many other clumping onions often do look 
like small leeks when they are shipped. This is because they are dug and 

My nursery is so small that advance digging of some species does not make 
sense. When we get an order, we tip a clump out of a pot, or fork it out of 
the ground, knock of the sandy mix, cut off the tops by half to two-thirds 
and send the bulbs in slightly moist peat.  I hear they do pretty well.

Notes: This is an Allium native in much of North America. The plants do vary 
in color of leaf and flower, height, etc.  I can't prove that their cold 
tolerance varies, too -- some of my plants descend from seeds in the Zone 3 
interior of British Columbia, but I grow them all here in Zone 6. But 
perhaps you got a plant used to warmer climates than where you live. It 
could also be (though I don't wish to offend you) that you planted your 
plants late, or in hostile conditions. These things happen. Even nurseries 
sometimes mis-plant.

Paige Woodward

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> Hello All,
> Does anyone know of a good source for this Allium? 

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