Pokeweed 'Silberstein'

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Mon, 15 Aug 2005 13:58:00 PDT

other than this not being a bulb, and, no, this doesn't bother me
(exceptions keep the rules interesting) I see it as appropriate to discuss
specific inheritable genetic factor, in this case variegation.  We do see
this in bulbs!

Typically, this is always passed through the mother plants (seed parent)
mitochondrial DNA, which is why a variegated plant tend to produce "true"
seed. (are there any exceptions known?) Whether this seed is actually true,
I remain sceptical, as the only quality we are comparing is the variegation
and not other inheritable traits.  I would suspect that a group of seedlings
may well show variing heights and habits, but I have never done the
comparison.  Therefore, despite being visually similar, the off-spring are
actually genetically quite individual.

This brings me to the clones 'Silberstein', which translated would be
Silverstone and 'Melody'.  I've grown neither, but one could be the parent
of the other and, as I stated above, genetically different but optically
similar.  Ther are quite a few variegated trees that I cannot tell apart,
but the profis know the differences, often habit or height, thus being able
to seperate similar clones. Here's hoping that 'Melody' is unique and not
the product of making a name palatable to a presumed non-receptive public!
Oh, how I hate this tendency to 'dumb down'.....but that's another topic
that really doesn't belong here!


Jamie V.

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> But I will risk one question: does anyone know whether Phytolacca 'Melody'
> is identical to 'Silberstein'?  I've grown 'Silberstein' for years (and
> yes, virtually all of the seedlings are variegated, but I usually edit out
> the extremes from both ends (too white and too green); also, it self-sows
> just fine here, but the seedlings are easy to spot and remove when small);
> last year I was given seed of 'Melody', and so far they look identical to
> me.  The horrid thought has crossed my mind that someone thought
> 'Silberstein' didn't sound as "saleable" as 'Melody'. Anyone know?
> As it happens, 'Silberstein' will be the cover girl for our next catalog.
> I think it's a fantastic plant.
> Ellen Hornig
> Seneca Hill Perennials
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> Subject: [pbs] Pokeweed 'Silberstein'
> >Also, does anyone know to what extent the rather startling variegated
> >form, 'Silberstein', comes true from seed? A few weeks ago I found
> >another variegated form, with cream sectorial variegation, rather
> >than the speckling of 'Silberstein'. It remains to be seen if its
> >proves stable...
> Dear Graham;
> Welcome to the list.
> 'Silberstein' generally comes true, but some selection is
> needed for best variegation. Oddly it hasn't self sown here, where
> typical Poke is a serious weed.
> I've never had a reaction from handling 'Silberstein'.
> I've noticed that if seedlings are started in spring, a good
> percentage of them winter kill the first winter, but if they survive
> they are fairly permanent.
> The amazing foliage makes it a very garden worthy plant.
> Best Jim W.
> ps RE: Cream sectorial variegation. I hear second handedly that
> cuttings of variegated Poke root easily, but almost never produce
> viable buds and survive winters. Serious propagation by seed only, so
> this new form may be a passing fancy -literally.
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