Monkey Puzzle

Kelly O'Neill
Mon, 22 Aug 2005 18:01:40 PDT
> There are some nice old ones scattered around the Willamette Valley of
> Oregon that were planted in the early 20th century that are starting
> to get their 'wild' appearance.  They are currently 60-80' tall. 

As for the deaths in Zone 7 (which I think of myself as being in, though 
technically I'm Z8), I think they may be sensitive to summer moisture or 
a combination of that and poor drainage?

I have one (15'+) that is producing cones. I had a bigger one die a few 
years ago (after I built shelves for seed trays near it and started watering 
it often). There are a couple of 30-40' ones nearby on land I think will 
soon be cleared for houses if anyone wants 'em, email me privately. I 
think there may be male and female ones (different cones) over there?

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