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>  I was wondering, do you re-mositen the pollen when before you apply it?  
> My 
> pollen loses it powdery texture  after storage

Hi Gang,

I have only spotty experience with storage of bulb pollen.  However, with 
Crinum, I do as was described a day or two ago; I store the pollen over a 
desiccant in an airtight container, in the refrigerator (I have not tried freezing).  

Such pollen from Crinum has lasted 10-18 months and I do not rehydrate it at 
all before use.  I simply pick out a dried anther (I store the anthers but not 
the filaments) with forceps, and I gently touch it to the stigma of newly 
opened flowers.  If I'm in a stingy mood, I break the anther into 2 pieces and 
use half an anther to achieve pollination.  

Sometimes, I can see pollen on the side of the small envelope (I store the 
anthers in coin envelopes, or just the corner of a regular white envelope).  I 
use my finger, or a Q-tip to rub some of that pollen onto the stigma.  

I have best results if I attempt Crinum pollination early in the day, but 
sometimes afternoon works just fine too.  


Conroe Joe
(hot and humid here, a summer that was hotter and drier than usual)  

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