Gladiolus x

Harold Koopowitz
Mon, 22 Aug 2005 09:41:40 PDT
The best and latest flowering at the end of the Fall is the form called G. 
natalensis var. hookeri, the "Rhodesian flame Glad."  Its a nomen nudem and 
despite the common name from Kwazulu-Natal and Mozambique. This is a 
brilliant red-orange and yellow flower. Worth trying if you can find it.

At 07:50 AM 8/22/2005, you wrote:
>Dear All;
>         I've bloomed plants bought as G. x gandavensis and G dalenii
>from S. Afr. seed and they are essentially identical. I love that
>they bloom later than any other hardy glad for me.
>         Recently a friend who is more dedicated to these, mentioned a
>range of color forms from yellow to peach and tangerine. I begged for
>         Anyone else grow a range of colors. Any deep yellow of pink?
>                 Jim W.
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