Crocus predators

Lis Allison
Wed, 14 Dec 2005 08:15:39 PST
Carol and others,

No, the hens are in their own space. My greenhouse is one of those 
experimental efforts built by a semi-engineer ex-hippie and her computer 
geek husband. The structure has a fatal flaw and so has become lopsided 
but still works. The south side is lexan panels, the north wall of the 
greenhouse is cement blocks with lexan openings, and the hens are on the 
north side of that wall with a solid wall on their north. There's a 
little entry area with a door (lexan) between the hens and the plants. 
Got all that?

Basically the thing is solar-heated but on cold days I have an electric 
heater. This is something I have to review because those dogone little 
heaters don't seem to last. The thermostat goes almost at once so I have 
to go up there to turn it off on sunny days, back on at But it stays above freezing alright. My dahlias 
enjoy a winter sleep under the bench, and my amaryllis snooze happily in 
the hay on the hen side. My cactii and orchids like the large 
differential between the day and night temperatures. Unfortunately the 
cactii are getting much too big. I like them when they are small, but 
what the heck am I going to do with them now that they are getting many 
feet tall? Or wide? Hate to toss them, but they need to be planted in 
ground beds.....which means a new greenhouse......hmmmmm.

Anyway, don't worry, my hens aren't eating the mothballs, my plants aren't 
freezing, and the mice or whatever seem to be staying away from the 
mothball-treated pots.

Lis Allison, Carp, Ontario, Canada, still -20C but sunny and fine today

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