Help with Mystery Oxalis

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 20 Dec 2005 08:35:18 PST
Dear Ron, Diana, and David,

Thanks so much for helping with the Oxalis identification. I'll rename them 
and move them off the mystery page. I'm very happy to know what they are. 
Where I live Oxalis luteola is one of the best performers. It also has 
returned nicely in my raised beds growing in a pot when I haven't repotted 
it every year. It forms a very nice mat, but does need sunlight to do well.

Like David my fall Oxalis display wasn't quite as nice as in the past. Our 
trees keep getting taller and finding sunny spots is harder. I am reminded 
that Lauw de Jager has suggested getting Oxalis into growth in late summer 
for good bloom. Perhaps this helps with the warmth and sunshine they need 
to do really well and the additional light from longer days and the angle 
of the sun. When it comes to Oxalis, I envy Ron's excellent conditions for 
growing them in Southern California. Where I live is really beautiful year 
round however with the forest and the ocean so it definitely has its 

Mary Sue
Where we are having a period of wet dark weather when the beeping of the 
battery back-up on the computer blends in with the sound of the wind, rain, 
occasional hail, occasional thunder in the background. Yes, we do have 
seasons in this part of California.

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