Schedule of Events at the Huntington

Kathy Andersen
Fri, 30 Dec 2005 15:28:15 PST

When information of general interest to the Board is posted to the website, 
perhaps notice of such postings should go out to  I pesonally do not routinely check the 
website, don't have time.

Have just looked at the schedule of events at the Huntington posted there.

If Henriette is going to give instructions on how to judge clivias, the 
students should have an opportunity to go around with the judges to practice 
what they have leaned from her (and under her supervision) - not have to 
wait another year to do so, i.e., she does need to talk before judging - 
maybe even on Friday.

Scheduling the general membership meeting at the same time as the show is 
being judged seems like a poor idea to me.  The very people whom we might 
want to attract to become judges may well be Board Members, and they should 
be at the Membership Meeting, but should not pass up the opportunity to act 
as student judges..

Looks like plans are evolving nicely.



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