Fw: Fw: How to extract colchicine

Pacific Rim paige@hillkeep.ca
Mon, 19 Dec 2005 18:29:21 PST
Laff track.

Jim, I thank you for your response -- indeed I am about to write you offline 
asking to borrow an image -- but I did ask for online information about how 
to extract cochicine. In the 1960s I was not a subscriber to the North 
American Lily Society's journal, and as I type I am snowed in on a mountain 
far from any library, research or otherwise.

Someone reading this knows how to extract colchicine in a simple way, but 
might not wish to respond online. Please reply offline if you prefer.

Paige Woodward

> Paige, you say he wants to extract colchicine. If that means extracting 
> pure
> colchicine, I'm not sure where to send you.
> But if what he wants to do is to induce tetraploidy using crude 
> preparations
> of crushed colchicum corms, that's different. Old issues of the Yearbook 
> of
> the North American Lily Society contain accounts of doing this. I won't 
> have
> the chance to do the search anytime soon, but I'm pretty sure they're 
> there.
> If I were doing the search, I would start with the issues from the 1960s.
> Jim McKenney

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