soap-caging bulbs

Brook Klehm
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 22:20:31 PST
Caging plants was the best way to deal with gophers in my California 
garden.  I used 1/2" (12mm) aviary wire to try to keep the critters 
out.  Would a completely enclosed cage work against mice?  I suppose 
that Jane's special crocus are in pots sunk in a gravel bed (or such 
like).  Could you simply cover the bed with aviary wire that was pegged 
down?  It wouldn't look very nice, but I suppose that the blooming 
plants get moved to a more attractive location while in bloom?  No need 
to search Ebay for antique soap cages (we still use one of these at my 
grandparents place) just make the baskets yourself (and prepare for 
roughing up the tips of your fingers).

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