Ipomoea platense (was Newbie)

Donna Anderson perdy@mts.net
Wed, 14 Dec 2005 16:57:31 PST
Hi, Leo.

I was planning to overwinter my I. batatas but when it was outside drying, 
we got a frost
and it turned to mush.

Thank you for the info:
 "They can be overwintered completely dry, above freezing, on a shelf or 
even in the
dark of a closet or basement.

Succulent vendors tend to carry succulent morning glories. Arid Lands and
Out of Africa, both in the USA, often have them.

Another place to ask questions about cacti and other succulents is the
cacti_etc mailing list, which has something over 2,000 members worldwide
when last I heard."

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