Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 07 Dec 2005 11:26:56 PST
Dear Linda,

I too highly recommend this book. It lists the 28 species of Albuca that 
are in the Cape, but it also says there are a total of 60 species so there 
will be a lot not listed. This book was published before Manning, 
Goldblatt, and Fay proposed sinking Albuca into Ornithogalum so there is 
still a separate listing for Albuca. Like Jane I find the lack of synonyms 
listed in the main part of the book to be a flaw. It would be nice if in 
the Moraea section for example they at least indicated which plants were 
once Homeria, Galaxia, and Gynandriris, especially since the key in the 
back has them separated by subgroups. Besides excluding summer rainfall 
South African bulbs they also exclude Namaqualand which is a winter 
rainfall area so when you are using the keys some of the species some of us 
grow will not be there. Also they did not include Oxalis. But besides those 
reservations this has become one of my all time favorite bulb books. Now we 
just need someone in South Africa to do the same for bulbs in the summer 
rainfall areas.

Mary Sue

>I think Gary may get the email notice like myself, from Timber Press??
>I am looking at getting The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs, and am
>wondering if any of you have it, and would you recommend it.  I'm not close
>to a library or book store so I can't check it out before buying.
>I'm hoping it has info in it on Albuca bulbs.  My collection is quickly
>growing and there is little info available.
>Warming up to -6C today, heat wave, t-shirt weather!
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