Moles and other Geophyte predators

Cameron McMaster
Thu, 29 Dec 2005 23:58:06 PST
Hi all

Catching up on backlog of pbs listings I picked up the discussion on Moles, Voles and other predators.  We had a serious mole problem in our nursery beds which we have almost solved with an innovation that was not mentioned in any of the correspondence.  We came across two varietes of battery powered commercial mole derterrents which work by making sporadic sound impulses which moles find intolerable.  The impulses are nearly inaudible to humans, but have kept the moles out of our beds for this entire season.  They have an effective range of about 4 meters around the instrument.  The instruments are inserted into the ground to a depth of about 20cm.  The cost of batteries was a factor that we overcame by using rechargeable batteries.  I believe these deterrents aso come in versions that use a small solar panel, which would be ideal but these are not available in South Africa at present

We have found that Eucomis, Scillas and Ornithogalums are immune to mole predation, and to virtually all other insect and fungal pests, but they do not keep moles from eating adjacent palatable species - the most susceptable of which are some of the amaryllids and Irids - especially Amaryllis belladonna and Cybistetes longifolia and Watsonias of which we have lost many to moles.

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