Robert Hamilton
Wed, 14 Dec 2005 18:45:43 PST
HI  Mary  Sue,

>  I didn't think Tasmania got very
> hot in summer. What are your day time temperatures in summer?

The  mean daily maximum temperatures  for our  summer ( December  to 
are  19.7C  , 21.6C  and 21.9C     (these  figures  are  for  Kingston  
which  is  about 10km  from where  I  live  and  probably a   degree or 
  two  warmer.)

The  maximum  recorded temps  for those  months  are  37.5C , 40.0C  
and  36.6C  so  we  do  get  some  quite   hot  days-  probably  only  
10-12 days  above  30C  through the  whole  of  summer.

So  they  dont  get a  really hot  baking.


Rob  in Tasmania

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