diana chapman
Wed, 14 Dec 2005 10:12:57 PST
>>I had a Bomarea species from Archibald via Watson a few years ago.  It
germinated in 10 days.  It's a weed and invasive in its native country.
Couldn't establish it here in the Chicago area.  May try again. Your slow
germination experience may mean that the seed is not viable or dead. If you
dig it up and find it still there and apparently alive, try a higher
germination temperature,e.g., 75-80° F

I don't agree with the higher temp. for germinating Bomareas.  I have been
growing them from seed for a number of years, and they all germinate in the
cool temperatures of fall through winter.  If Bomarea seed is old it is slow
to germinate - I had some that took 18 months, but they did eventually
sprout.  Also, if the gluey coating of the seeds is not removed they will
take a while to germinate.  It contains germination inhibitors and is not
easy to remove, so most seed that is available has not been cleaned.  I
clean our seed in a wire strainer, rubbing the seeds agains the mesh, but it
doesn't come off easily.

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