Manfreda virginica, ho ho ho

Alberto Castillo
Wed, 28 Dec 2005 10:51:27 PST

>From: Floral Architecture <>

>Steven, Dennis, et al.,
>   Have you ever heard of M. sidleri? I thought that I bought a M. 
>virginica from someone several years ago. But going back to the pot, it is 
>labeled M. sidleri. Any help with info or links would be helpful.

Hi John:
           I grew this (M. sileri) for many years as a single plant from 
Texas. It had narrow foliage attractively spotted. Never set any seed in 
cultivation and apparently would not accept its own pollen.
           Another species was M. lata with broad short leaves, greyish with 
minute red dots. This proved difficult to please: it may come from a special 
kind of environment.
           Another species in cultivation with s doubtful identity is M. 
elongata. This is in the web under several names, a big plant with tall 
scapes and deep brown flowers with long protruding anthers.


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