Squirrel death

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 16 Dec 2005 17:23:42 PST
Dear all,

I'd just like to mention an unusual way of eliminating squirrels. I'm not 
sure how to make it happen however. It's really up to the squirrel. A month 
or so ago the power went out at our house. This is not unusual during 
winter as we live where there can be fierce winds with winter storms and 
where there are a lot of trees and they often fall on the wires. This was 
not a stormy day however. No one else seemed to be without power so we 
finally reported the power was out. As we left for an afternoon walk we 
noticed a dead squirrel on the pavement underneath our power lines. I 
wondered it that was the culprit only later to have it confirmed when 
someone was sent to solve the problem. He told me it was not unusual for 
them to do the high wire act with the same result. He said something like 
"this little guy gave up his life..." like it was the supreme sacrifice. 
What he didn't say was for what. Did this seem a quicker route than 
swinging through the trees? I am wondering if Arnold figured out how far he 
needed to transport his squirrels to keep them from coming back. Someone 
here says it is 20 miles for raccoons. Any less and they return to the 
favorite spot.

Mary Sue

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