Plant Accession Database

John T Lonsdale
Tue, 27 Dec 2005 16:41:34 PST
I followed up on the recommendation from one of the PBS members regarding
Data Village's product, normally priced at about $60 but available on eBay
for around $25-30 this weekend, and probably still there.  I took a quick
look at the evaluation copy and it seemed pretty interesting so I bought a
license and installed it yesterday.  The company has been very responsive so
far.  The software is straightforward, reasonably customizable and has some
nice features.  It is easy to use and will meet most of my needs, if not all
of them at the moment.  It seems to have been well thought out and is based
on a core database/interface they have customized for various hobby and
educational purposes. The company also will customize it further if needed,
both from an interface and underlying database perspective (at a cost).
I've asked for an estimate to make some relatively simple changes to the
interface that will be useful to me.

Ena Gatenby was very helpful and did refer my questions to the Demeter
development team but I doubt that will bear any fruit until they are ready
to roll out a commercial product.

I'll keep you posted.



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Hi everyone,

This message from one of our members in response to John Lonsdale's request 
for help with data bases didn't get through for some reason so I am sending 
it on
in case any of the rest of you are interested.

Mary Sue

Re Plant Accession database.
Have you heard of Demeter? It is not on sale yet and is only available to
National Collection holders in the UK at the moment. However, it is hoped
that it will be available commercially some time later this year. I use it
for my national collection of Leucojum and Acis records and although it is
still having teething troubles, the design team take comments on board.  If
you e-mail me separately on  I will put tell you more
about it or put you in touch with the design team.
Ena Gatenby. 

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