David Victor
Sun, 25 Dec 2005 10:27:05 PST
Hi there everyone,

Following the recent discussions on Bomarea, I have added a further four 
pictures of ones that I grow to the WIKI at…

I have added a further photograph of each of B. caldasii and B. salsilla: 
nothing very exciting about either of them, though they vary a little from 
the existing photos.

I have also added a photo of a species not previously included, B. 
hirtella, which is one of the shorter and somewhat slighter species, though 
very pretty and flowering in mid-summer for me.

Finally, I have added one that I am a little confused about.  I know it as 
B. kalbreyeri, which I have read elsewhere is a synonym for B. 
caldasii.  However, that doesn't seem right to me, so if anybody has a 
better name I'd be pleased to know it.  Its a strong growing, twining type, 
growing to around 3 metres.  It flowers around this time of the year.

Happy holidays!

Best regards,
David Victor 

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