Thank You

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 31 Dec 2005 10:33:28 PST
Dear All,

A friend of mine has an end of the year tradition of making a list of all 
things to be grateful for. Each year her list increases by one to reflect 
the new year. So this year's list will have 2006 items. I have found it an 
excellent way to end the year and begin the new one. So as list and wiki 
administrator here are some of the things I added to her gratitude list in 
no particular order of importance:

1. Arnold Trachtenberg who has helped me with the PBS list from the very 
2. Mark McDonough who retired this year from his job as wiki administrator, 
but not before putting in a lot of time and thought about how to set it up. 
For years Mark helped me monitor the wiki almost every day, removing weird 
and obscene files uploaded by vandals
3. Mark Wilcox who also retired as a wiki administrator this year, but 
provided support, encouragement, technical knowledge, and good ideas during 
the time he was a part of the team
4. Jay Yourch who made wiki back-ups when I couldn't do them from my 
computer and who helped restore wiki pages when vandals were changing them 
and who also has provided support and friendship while helping with the wiki
5. Mark Parrott who is not a member of this list and not even a gardener, 
but a wiki expert who offered to help rewrite code for our wiki to make it 
work better and then spent weeks trouble shooting and redoing things until 
all was much improved
6. Susan Hayek who this year became a wiki and list administrator and who 
has cheerfully lightened my load by putting in hours and hours of time, 
helping in any way I asked her to, being willing to learn new things, 
correct mistakes, and help others, especially with their images.
7. All those people who added images to our wiki during the year
8. All those people who made corrections to the wiki and added text
9. New wiki users willing to take the time to learn how to use it
10. All the interesting, humorous and helpful information shared by list 
members during the year
11. All those people who make an effort not to include the previous post 
they are replying to in their response
12. That our list is almost always friendly and helpful in responding to 
people with all levels of expertise
13. All the friendships I have made and strengthened around the world 
through participation on this list
14. Private notes of appreciation that unexpectedly arrive and make my day 
from list members
15. Dell Sherk who does such a super job with the BX
16. , our host, without which none of this would be possible

I no doubt will think of things I have forgotten once I send this message. 
I am of course grateful to the people who put in time serving the Pacific 
Bulb Society, but the list above focuses on contributions to the wiki and 
the list and especially all those people who have helped me this year. 
Happy New Year everyone!

Mary Sue

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