You should join PBS

Donna Anderson
Sat, 10 Dec 2005 15:22:17 PST
Thank you Alberto, Arnold, Dell and Leo for the warm welcome.  I like 
learning and growing different seeds and plants.  I did notice that from 
some of the threads I've read that there are a few members here in Canada. 
What is the total number of members here?

Thank you for letting me join.

:) Donna in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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> Donna Anderson wrote
>> I really want to get more into the caudex/caudiciform/tuberosus
>> plants.
>> I would like to join the Pacific Bulb Society, but how does the
>> seed and bulb exchange work.
> I get the digest version of the list, so if this has been answered, go
> ahead and skip it.
> You should join the PBS. There are a lot of benefits.
> Members of the PBS may participate in the bulb exchange.
>From time to time, the Bulb Exchange director (currently Dell Sherk) posts
> here a list of what is available. Items are numbered.
> Those who want something on the list send Dell a private E-mail, giving
> the numbers of the items they want.
> Dell mails out the packages of seed/bulbs together with a slip of paper
> showing the total amount of money owed, and the address to which to mail
> it.
> People receive the packages, send the money to the address on the slip,
> and plant their seeds/bulbs at the appropriate time of year.
> Another discussion group devoted to caudiciforms is the Yahoo Fat Plants
> group. I'm not a member so I can't give more details, but you should be
> able to find it if you go to Yahoo Groups and poke around.
> Leo Martin
> Phoenix Arizona USA
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