soap-caging bulbs

Diane Whitehead
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 20:38:26 PST
Jane's need to protect rare crocus bulbs from being eaten by rodents 
reminded me of something I found when we were cleaning out my 
grandmother's house.

It is a small strong wire cage with a handle. Back when people used 
big yellow bars of Fels Naphtha instead of Tide to wash clothes, it 
was used to hold the remaining small pieces of soap which would be 
swished around in a basin of water.

You could probably find some in the dusty corner of a thrift shop, as 
I'm sure no one knows what they are.

Oh oh.  I just did a Google search, and they've been discovered.  One 
sold on ebay for $10 Australian. It was large enough to hold a 
complete bar of soap, 10.5 inches long.  That would hold a lot of 
bulbs. I'd better hit those thrift stores soon.

		Diane Whitehead

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